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Your company offers an excellent product at a reasonable cost, but your real value is in your persona. You and your staff are compassionate, understanding, and went the extra mile for us. When my brother passed, you made details easy so we were allowed to grieve."
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How's That Made??

The Manufacturing Process

granite manufacturing 10The manufacturing process begins by sawing the rough granite blocks into slabs that are 6 to 12 inches thick. This is accomplished by utilizing diamond rotary saws with blades up to 11 feet in diameter and containing 140 or more industrial diamond segments. These saws, using tons of water as a coolant, cut the Elberton granite at an average rate of 25 square feet per hour. The saws contain micro computer controls which can be programmed to operate around the clock by presetting the block size, and desired thickness of the pieces.

manufacturing granite 13Finishing cuts and intricate designs can be made with a computer controlled diamond wire saw - a small 1/4" steel wire containing diamond segments can cut the granite into any desired shape.

The geometric pattern is first scanned, then entered into the saw's computer. The wire will follow the programmed shape exactly as it completes the cutting process automatically.

manufacturing granite 14

The next step in processing the granite into many finished monuments is giving it a glossy finish under high speed polishing mills. The operator guides a heavy wheel over the piece and different grades of abrasive together with water gradually grinds the surface of the stone smooth.

manufacturing granite 16The final step is the heavy buffing wheel which is guided over the entire piece until a brilliant mirror like finish has been achieved. This entire polishing operation normally takes about 45 minutes.

Manufacturing Granite 18The granite is now broken into smaller pieces that will become the actual monuments and markers. The initial cuts are made by a massive gullitine. This machine uses hydraulic pressure and its carbide tipped teeth to cut pieces up to 22 inches thick.

Manufacturing granite 19After the granite is broken to the specified size, highly skilled craftsmen use their hammers, pneumatic tools and razor sharp carbide tipped chisels to shape the monument to the final dimensions using old world artistry to transform the granite pieces into beautiful memorials.

Manufacturing Granite 21Large cranes are used to move the monuments to the sandblast department where the process of carving and lettering takes place. The drafting department has already prepared a unique design based on the customers specific order.

Manufacturing granite 22Today, computer graphics offer an infinite array of design possibilities. The final design is transferred directly to the rubber stencil be the computer. A razor sharp knife automatically cuts the tiny lines in the stencil that will expose the surface for sandblasting.

A liquid glue is brushed on the polished surface of the monument so the rubber like stencil will bond to the granite securely, while the glue is drying the stencil is carefully spread and pulled tightly over the polished surface. Once the stone is ready for engraving, all areas are patched with stencil to protect them from abrasive overspray.

Manufacturing granite 23          manufacturing granite 24
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The Sandblasting Process

Sandblasting process 25In the sandblast room the operator directs the spray of the abrasive evenly into each exposed area of the stone while the uncut portions reflect and protect the covered surface.

Sculpture carving


Alternatives to sandblast carving are sculptures and etched carvings. Sculptures are able to reproduce figures in stone thru their patient and artistic talents.

Etching granite


Scenery and portraits can be engraved thru an etching process. In etching, the artist uses small diamond tipped bits to scratch the surface with varying strokes, thus creating contrasts and textures for the design.

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