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Working the Granite - How's That Made??

Elberton GraniteMining granite - early 1900's

Elberton, Georgia - the granite capital of the world - it looks just like any other small town, just like Perrysburg, Ohio. But just below the surface you will find one of the largest deposits of monumental grade granite in the world. In fact this small northeast Georgia community accounts for 1/3 of all monumental granite produced annually in the United States.

The Elberton granite story began in 1889 when the areas first commercial quarry opened. Today - over 40 quarries are in operation producing approximately 2 million cubic feet of select blue grey granite annually - 90% of Elberton granite production is for cemetery memorials, over 250,000 cemetery monuments, markers and mausoleums are manufactured here each year.

Total sales exceed $125 million dollars - there's no doubt about it - Elberton deserves its billing as granite capital of the world.

Getting The Granite

Mining granite 3The granite deposits around Elberton were created over 500 million years ago. The earth doesn't give up easily when it's taken millions of years to create. In earlier times quarring the granite required workers to drill a series of holes up to 20 feet in depth - as you can imagine, it was back-breaking tedious work.

Today quarry workers use a method called jet piercing, employing a small combustion chamber attached to a long hollow steel shaft which generates a heat of 2800 F. and it cuts a 4" wide channel thru the granite.

mining granite 5                   mining granite 6

After a large rectangular section of granite has been completely channeled on all sides, the large block is ready to be broken free and lifted from the bed of the quarry. First a series of holes are drilled horizontally along the bottom of the section, then small charges of black powder are placed in the holes. When the charges are detonated, the small explosion has just enough force to break the block loose from the bed of the quarry.

mining granite 8                   mining granite 9

Once the large block is free, smaller more managable pieces are broken free - if you can call 10-15 ton more manageable. To do this, a series of 6" deep holes are drilled, then wedges and shims are driven into the holes with a sledge hammer, splitting the granite block like a piece of wood. Then the smaller blocks are placed on a truck for shipment to one of Elberton's 150 manufacturing plants.

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